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Reach your goals faster

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) will help you save money for your short and long-term goals. Because any growth of investments inside a TFSA is tax-free, you will pay no taxes on the interest or investments you earn, even when the money is withdrawn.   

The contribution room for 2019 is $6,000.

Good for:

  • Saving a down payment on a home
  • Shorter-term savings goals, like a vacation or new car
  • Building tax-free savings during your retirement years  

Enjoy the benefits of a TFSA

  • Grow your money – Because your TFSA is tax-free, your earnings will be tax sheltered.
  • No age limit – Unlike the RRSP, you can contribute to your TFSA for as long as you’d like.
  • Use it for short and long-term goals – You don’t have to repay a TFSA withdrawal.
  • Carry over withdrawals – Any withdrawal you make adds extra contribution room the following year.
  • Unused contribution room can be carried to future years.
  • It can hold a number of investments – Term deposits, ETFs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds included.

Ready to put the power of investing to work for you?

​Need a hand?

Whether its retirement planning, education planning or making your first investment, our experienced investment team will provide you with the most appropriate advice and solutions tailored to your unique situation.

How much can I save?

Our TFSA Calculator will help you figure out how much you can save in a Tax-Free Savings Account.

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