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Saving for their future 

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a tax-sheltered plan registered by the Canadian Government. The RESP is designed to help you save for a child’s future – whether it’s your child or grandchild, regular contributions to their plan for birthdays or holidays can lead to a significant investment in their post-secondary education. 

Good for:

  • Helping a child pay for their post-secondary education 

Enjoy the benefits of an RESP

  • Grow your money – Because your RESP is tax-free, your earnings will be tax sheltered.
  • Anyone can contribute – Niece, nephew, child of a friend, or your own child – you can help.
  • Less tax when withdrawn – When the child begins to withdraw funds for their education, they will pay less tax as they will likely be in a lower tax bracket.
  • Benefit from government incentives – Each year, the federal government will match 20% of every $2,500 in the plan (up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200 per child) thanks to the Canada Education Savings Grant. 

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What does my contribution do?

Our RESP Calculator will help you figure out how much you can sock away before the child starts school, and how government grants will impact the total amount saved.

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