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​Rest Insured

Protect the people and possessions that matter most. 

No matter how cautious or prepared you are, life can throw you curveballs. And when it comes to protecting your belongings, family or even your home, why leave things to chance? Insurance acts as a safety net when things don’t go as planned.

Our knowledgeable insurance professionals will help you find the right solutions for all of your insurance needs. 

​What type of insurance are you looking for? 

​Deposit Insurance 

Get peace of mind that your deposits and investments will be fully protected by Canadian Credit Union Deposit Insurance.

​Travel Insurance 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict the future. That’s why travel insurance will have your back in the case of injury or illness while traveling abroad. 

​Home Insurance 

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It also holds your most valuable possessions. Treat it like a family member and protect it from the unexpected.

​Auto Insurance

Your vehicle gets you from point A to point B. What happens if you get into an accident or need a costly repair? Auto insurance protects your vehicle against anything life may throw at it.

​Creditor Insurance 

In the case of an emergency or sudden life event, would you be able to take care of your payment obligations, like a mortgage or credit card bill? Get peace of mind with creditor insurance.

​Need help with insurance?

Reach out to our Insurance Team today. 

Contact us 

Have a question? Connect with a member of our team by phone, in-person or online. The choice is yours.