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Lines of Credit

​A financial safety net for when you need it most.  

A line of credit gives you access to money without having to apply for a loan. It can be easily accessed within an existing chequing account. Plus, you only pay interest on the amount used. 

Enjoy the benefits of a Line of Credit with us

Personal Line of Credit


Get access to extra money, and only pay interest when it’s used.

Key Features
  • Financing a large purchase

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)


Use the equity from your home for making large purchases or even consolidating your debt.

Key Features
  • Financing a large purchase
  • Consolidating debt

Student Line of Credit


Borrow money to help you get the education you want, without worrying about the principal payments until you’re done.

Key Features
  • Canadian students entering a post-secondary program in Canada or the United States

​Need a hand?

​Make an appointment with a lending specialist.

​Loan Calculator 

​Our nifty loan calculator will crunch the numbers to estimate your payments, determine when you’ll be paid off and more. 

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