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Who We Are

Get to know us a little better. 

Our Vision

​Whatever milestone you're trying to hit, or whatever stage of life you're in, we'll be there to support you with your financial goals - big, small, or maybe somewhere in-between.

Our Mission

To help Canadians of all ages take control of their financial goals and give them easy access to the top products, services and rates in the country. 

"Your financial future is brighter with Future Financial." 

Drew Brookswood, CEO 

Our Values


  • We care about our employees, members and the communities we serve across Canada. And we like to show it.


  • Together, we can accomplish anything.


  • We push the boundaries of 'banking' as we know it and strive to offer innovative products and services for our members.

Our History

​Future Financial's 'roots' were planted in Mount Apple, British Columbia in 1961. Originally Timber Credit Union, our inaugural branch was created to serve employees and families of the local lumber mill.

From our humble beginnings, we grew in size and scope - from one branch and ten employees to ten branches, over 150 employees and 25,000+ members across the province. What hasn't changed is our dedication to providing personalized, friendly service to our members every single day. 

Governance & Leadership

​10 Board Members + 5 Executive Leadership Team Members + 25,000 members with a voice = one talented and well-governed credit union.

Get to know our team a little bit better: 

Corporate Reports

2018 was a big year for us. Check out our 2018 Annual Report to see how we've continued to provide our members and communities value through innovative products and services. 

In the News

Curious to see what we've been up to in your community? Take a look at our media archive, featuring the latest and greatest Future Financial news. 

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Join 25,000+ other Canadians achieving their best financial futures.

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